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The governor announces new designations .

The Governor designates the new Minister of Economy and Labor, the new Undersecretary of Political Development and the new President of the State Institute of Women.

The Governor Jaime Rodríguez Calderón announced new designations in his work team to strengthen the State Administration.

He appointed Roberto Russildi Montellano as Minister of Economy and Labor, Daniel Torres Cantú as Undersecretary of Political Development, and Martha Cecilia Reyes Cruz as President of the State Institute of Women.

"These three people who have joined the team today will work hardly, I asked them to make a great effort" said the Governor.

Russildi will be entrusted with strengthening support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs); and attract a greater number of industries to the entity that fortifies the generation of more higher-paying jobs.

The head of the Women's Institute will strengthen the programs to reduce violence against women, depoliticize the institute that allows a practical sense in the coordination of forceful actions, and continue with the gender alert.

Finally, Daniel Torres will have the responsibility to work in coordination with Manuel González, Secretary General of the Government, to attend to citizen demands.

"That we can work to solve the problems not only political, but also of citizen attention," said the Governor.

"There is the area of ​​Citizen Participation, the area of ​​the Improvement Boards, the Civic Action part and what has to do with the activity of the Government's actions with society," he said.


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