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Nuevo León signs Memorandum of Understanding with Zhejiang, China

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

They seek to attract more Asian investment to the State and confirm the first two projects of Chinese capital to settle in the Hofusan Industrial Park: an autoparts company and another one of the brewing industry.

The Government of Nuevo Leon and the province of Zhejiang, China, signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to strengthen economic cooperation, promote business opportunities and attract new investment projects to the Hofusan Industrial Park.

The agreement was signed by the Secretary of Economy and Labor of Nuevo Leon,

Fernando Turner Dávila and the Head of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province, Chen Guorong.

With the signing of the agreement, it is expected that in a first stage at least a group of 10 Asian companies could be installed in the aforementioned industrial park which is located in the municipality of Salinas Victoria.

During his message, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor, highlighted the strengths of the state of Nuevo Leon, such as its geographical location, its proximity to the United States market, its universities, its workforce and its business mentality.

"Nuevo León has many advantages for doing business, in the first place there is a very strong business mentality and a work culture very suitable for economic activities, in addition, we have top-level national universities with an international prestige, the location of the state is very good because it is very close to the United States and is the route of passage of 80 percent of Mexican production to the United States, "said the state official.

He added that this type of agreement aims to attract more investment of companies from China to Nuevo Leon.

"In Nuevo Leon there are about 3,500 companies with foreign capital in almost all areas of production and services, but very few Chinese companies. It is a great opportunity to improve," said the head of the Ministry of Economy and Labor.

He immediately pointed out that Hofusan's businessmen chose the best place to invest in Mexico, both the Asian investors represented by Holley Group and Futon Group and the family headed by Monterrey businessman César Santos.

For his part, the Head of Division of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang, Chen Guorong, expressed the interest that exists to attract new investment projects to the Industrial Park Hofusan, of sectors such as the manufacturing industry and energy.

"The main objective of our visit is to promote the economic exchange between Zhejiang and Nuevo Leon, especially, we want to encourage companies to invest in the Hofusan Industrial Park." said the senior Asian official.

The Hofusan Indsutrial Park is the result of the union between Holley Group, Futon Group and Santos Family, a project that includes areas for the installation of companies, commercial and residential developments.

This park, that began construction in August 2017, is aimed at attracting investments from sectors such as automotive, household appliances, medical equipment, fiber optic and energy.

The Head of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang, announced that two companies have already confirmed that they intend to invest in Nuevo Leon, with the installation of plants dedicated to the automotive industry and another of the brewing industry, within the Hofusan Industrial Park.

Samuel Peña Guzman, Undersecretary of Investment and Industrial Development of Nuevo Leon, announced the opening of the first office of promotion of Nuevo Leon in China.

"Alfonso Araujo has been appointed as head of the Nuevo Leon representative office in Zhejiang province, China, which we plan to open during the month of March 2018," the state official added.

The Zhejiang Delegation that visited Nuevo León for a couple of days is also made up of high officials from the Department of Commerce of that province, such as Xiao Wen, Lan Jian, Zhan Kangjie, and Feng Shan Shan.


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