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Nuevo León showcases economic prowess at Paris Air Show

The participation of Nuevo León at the Paris Air Show 2019 concluded successfully. During the event, the state delegation formed by the Ministry of Economy, Monterrey Aerocluster, and companies such as FRISA, Sánchez Devanny and Hofusan, held more than 60 business meetings.

It should be noted that the Paris Air Show fair is an event that brings together all the players in the global aerospace industry around the latest technological innovations. More than 140,000 visitors and more than 2,300 exhibitors from 48 countries around the world.

Currently in Nuevo Leon there are more than 20 Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies with large production capacity. The state has 2 international airports and the largest executive aircraft fleet in Mexico. Nowadays companies of the Aerospace sector such as Parker, PCC, Element, Frisa, Castle Metals and Paulo operate successfully in the State.

Due to the accelerated growth of the Aerospace Industry in Mexico, companies such as AIRBUS, BOEING, SAFRAN and BOMBARDIER, have seen the need to have more national suppliers to reduce their imports. This has been done through the attraction of foreign companies, or developing local procurement.

From June 17 to 20, the state participated along with Queretaro, Chihuahua, Baja California, Durango and Yucatan within the Mexico Pavilion. The participation of the country in the Paris Air Show was in charge of the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), an organization that houses as members the most important national and foreign companies of the sector in the country.

A meeting was held with Alberto Robles Sendin, Responsible for the Latin American region of AIRBUS, during which he expressed that it would be easier for Nuevo León, compared to other states, to develop a strong local supplier for the aerospace industry, since many companies of the automotive and appliance sector have processes that are also carried out for this industry. During the meeting it was agreed that the state will encourage state SMEs to acquire the certifications required to supply the industry.

During the event some companies showed great interest in strengthening their presence in North America and Latin America, especially those that already have operations in Mexico and in the near future will require expanding it, considering Nuevo León as a potential destination to invest.

It is expected that in the medium term, the aerospace industry will reach a level of maturity similar to that of the automotive and home appliances sector, bringing with it a strong economic impact and job creation.

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