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Nuevo León Maintains National Leadership in Foreign Investment

According to the report prepared by the Federal Ministry of Economy, Nuevo León sustains its national leadership in foreign investment and maintains favorable conditions for the growth of companies and the generation of jobs.

Nuevo León closes 2018 in first place in the state ranking for attraction of the highest level of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Mexico, according to the 2018 annual report published by the National Foreign Investment Commission of the Federal Ministry of Economy, with a total flow of $ 4,260.5 million dollars, representing 13% of the investment captured nationwide during that year.

This amount of foreign investment is due to Nuevo Leon's labor force, which is the most productive in the country, and the strategic location of the State. During 2018 companies such as WeWork, LS Automotive, Renishaw, Conduent, Digital On Us, among others, carried out investments estimated to contribute to the generation of more than 10,700 direct employment positions.

Furthermore, the growth of FDI in Nuevo Leon in 2018 was 127% higher than the preliminary figure for 2017 ($ 1,875.1 million). In sum, Nuevo León’s growth was higher compared to the growth of national FDI, which was 6% in 2018 in comparison with its preliminary figure of the previous year.

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