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Japanese investments will arrive to Nuevo León

Three Japanese companies will invest $ 89 million dollars and create almost 1,500 new jobs.

The trade mission carried out by state officials in Asia continues to give good news for Nuevo León. Now in Japan, they announced three new investment projects by Japanese companies.

The delegation of the State Government, headed by the Secretary of Economy and Labor, Roberto Russildi, held important meetings in the cities of Osaka, Nagoya, and Tokyo, after having been in China, where they also announced the arrival of 3 new investment projects China.

The Nidec Corporation company confirmed a new investment project to expand its current operations in the state, due to the good results they have had in recent years after arriving in Nuevo León.

Nidec Corporation is a Japanese manufacturer of electric motors for different industries and listed in the most innovative companies in the world.

Recently, it acquired the refrigeration compressor business of the Brazilian company Embraco, which has a plant in Apodaca, adding to the five plants that Nidec Corporation has in total in Nuevo León, where it employs more than 5,200 people. This project represents an investment of 35 million dollars.

Another Japanese company that confirmed investment is a leader in the automotive sector and will be investing in the first stage 14 million dollars, generating more than 700 new jobs. They will manufacture engines for different types of vehicles.

The third confirmed project is an expansion of 40 million dollars by the auto parts company Tokai Rika, which belongs to the Toyota group, which arrived in Nuevo León in 2016 and will be creating 767 new jobs.

"Because one of the companies is public, we will await your authorization to announce it, but it is a company that will be establishing in our state its first project in Mexico and they have already projected that it could become one of the largest operations of the group," Roberto Russildi mentioned.

"The other 2 companies already have a productive presence in the state and have decided to grow because they have done very well. In fact, every year about 40% of the foreign investment projects that are announced are expansions, which speaks very well of Nuevo León as a fertile place to do business. "

The delegation of officials also held meetings with Japanese authorities and other companies that are very close to making their decision to invest in Nuevo León, where they were presented with the competitive advantages offered by the entity as an attractive destination to invest and do business.

Currently, 53 Mexican companies with Japanese investment in their capital operate in Nuevo León, including Denso, Panasonic, Hitachi, NGK Ceramics, Hamaden, Toyota Tsusho, TOTO, and Nippon Seiki. The investment flow from Japan to Nuevo León from January to September 2019 has been $ 152.5 million dollars, positioning the state as the first national place as a destination of investments from the Asian country.

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