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Businessmen from China and Mexico agree to promote economic and commercial integration in Nuevo León

Updated: Aug 9, 2018

Friday, November 17, 2017

Nuevo León hosted the fifth plenary meeting of the High Level Business Group.

When concluding in Nuevo Leon the fifth plenary meeting of the Mexico-China High Level Business Group (GANE), businessmen from both countries agreed to promote economic and commercial integration, as well as detonate development opportunities in the energy, automotive sectors and financial.

On behalf of the Governor of Nuevo Leon, Fernando Turner Dávila, Secretary of Economy and Labor, assured that the GANE meeting in this entity will generate greater opportunities for economic growth for Mexico and Nuevo Leon.

"We feel that in Nuevo León and Mexico you will find many opportunities to do business, not only to find clients, but also partners and collaborators, to look for much bigger options and to conquer and reach new international markets," he said.

During his message at the closing of the summit of that group, he announced that as a result of the Nuevo Leon 4.0 Initiative, the State Government will support 20 projects to develop production lines inspired by the philosophy of the fourth industrial revolution.

For his part, the President of the Mexican chapter of GANE, Monterrey businessman Juan Gonzalez Moreno, CEO of the Maseca Group, said that after two days of meetings they reached the following conclusions: promote a financial services platform, and increase cooperation in the energy sector, in which there is a current potential of 6,600 million dollars.

They also spoke for greater cooperation in infrastructure matters.

Additionally, he added, during the private meetings of the GANE they also agreed to improve cooperation in oil and gas.

For this, in the case of Mexico, he pointed that Pemex is already working on strengthening the relationship with China as a result of the energy reform.

He also referred to the need to facilitate trade and foreign investment between both nations, especially in the face of the NAFTA negotiation.

He said that during the work meetings, Gruma announced today the investment of a second plant of that company in China; Bimbo acknowledged that GANE has allowed him to improve the dialogue with the Chinese authorities and Katcon highlighted the opportunities for growth in the Chinese automotive sector.

On the other hand, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, Secretary of Economy of the Federal Government, celebrated the importance of the strengthening of the Mexico-China relationship and the way in which it has awakened the investment of that Asian country in our country.

"In this process of strengthening, this group without a doubt gives us the vision of how to move forward, at a time in the world where protectionist messages begin to be every day the most complex vision forward."

He mentioned that the group of companies that are represented in the GANE are mostly from Nuevo León, such as Metalsa, Gruma, Softek, Katcon and Nemak, and that other large Mexican companies such as Bimbo, Citibanamex and Aeromexico participate.

Participating in the meeting were representatives of Asian companies such as Sinopec, Cnooc, Huaneng, Jinchuan, Huawei, ZTE, Cofco, ICBC, CBD, Golden Dragon, Crec, Sinomach and Hofusan.


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