Aerospace industry in Nuevo León

  • +3,500 direct jobs in the Aerospace Industry in Nuevo Leon.

  • +US $800 million sales venue in the aerospace industry in Nuevo Leon.

  • CIIA, Center for research and innovation in aeronautical engineering, located in Del Norte Airport in Escobedo.

  • By 2020, Nuevo Leon will be the top R&D hub of the country for advanced manufacturing and aerospace desing.

  • Nuevo Leon has an aero cluster conformed by 22 companies, 6 R&D centers, and 2 State Government dependencies.

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The Aerospace Cluster of Nuevo León is an association that works under the Triple-Helix Model (Universities+ Companies+Government) with over 40 members. Its main objective is to foster the competitiveness and developmet of the sector in the region.

Aerospace Flyer - Download here